Technology for business growth

We at Tapbox take pride in building self service systems using reliable and proven, yet cutting edge technologies, as well as existing in-house developments. This approach lets us offer our customers battle tested core self service solution components while preserving the flexibility to develop custom integrations, rich user interfaces, as well as business logic tailored to your specific needs.

Tapbox self service systems feature rich remote administration possibilities, including real-time device status information, over-the-air software updates, statistics, and configuration. In addition, the Tapbox core system includes a resilient user application framework with an easy to use set-up process, automated maintenance mode in case of device malfunction, as well as a tailored tamper-proof self-service kiosk operating system.

Easy payment transactions

Cloud based

Monitored in real-time

Customized remotely


Software development and consulting

Integrations with existing systems and development of custom solutions for your business needs.

System management & maintenance

Making sure that a swarm of terminals work as supposed, can be monitored remotely and updates are deployed seamlessly.

Hardware procurement and consulting

Carefully select the right hardware for the desired self-service solution.

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