Self-Service Solution as a Service

What is a Self-Service Solution?

SSS allow people to use technology to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative, most commonly in the form of computer terminals that give customers access to specific information, such as inventory availability, menus, buying/selling and more.

How to?

Every people related industry can benefit from self-service solutions. It starts with understanding the customer journey, possible productivity improvements and defining positions that can benefit the most. Both, short and long term strategies are supported with this approach.

Why TapBox?

Tapbox provides a full range of self-services solution development: design, procurement, software development, and maintenance. Our approach allows precise response to business needs and enables integration with existing business systems. We work with the highest quality self-service kiosk producers in Europe.

“30% of customers prefer to order from a kiosk over a cashier if the lines were of the same length.”

Self-service solution Research -

“Today’s customers are not just ready for self-service but actually prefer it over assisted service.”

Christian Reni - CustomerGauge

“Self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to customer support.”

Consumer survey - ZenDesk

“A company that doesn’t offer a self-service solution has to suffer the consequences.”

Steven Van Belleghem - Global survey data

“The self-service economy increases customer happiness as well as corporate efficiency.”

Gretchen Gavett - Harvard Business review

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Use Cases


Implementation of interactive maps to help people coordinate in large supermarkets as well as complex surroundings such as nature parks, museums or theme parks.


Effective management of queues, on spot payment option and internal system configuration for all processes. A much faster and safer way to manage centre visitors.


Self-service terminals are used for more than one cutomer journey touchpoints. Tickets buying, online purchased ticket printing, seating selection, browsing of latest movies, as well as shopping for popcorn, drinks or sweats.

Catering / Food

Restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants and other on spot food ordering establishments. Proven worldwide usage of self service terminals increase both the order amounts as well as service speed, avoiding people standing in lines.


On spot betting options, that can be placed on self-service kiosks. Live scores and current information of sporting events. Such kiosks can be widely used in different areas as sports bars, at the place of event or casinos.


Make your hotels easier to use, safer and more efficient by adding a self check in/out option and other smart features.

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