Custom self service solutions tailored to your needs

We provide comprehensive self-service solutions for all sorts of platforms. Our solutions are fully customizable from software as well as hardware perspectives.

Full service

Tapbox provides hardware, software, as well as on-going system development and maintenance.

Flexible software

Integrations with existing systems and development of custom solutions, small design tweaks or new functionality - fast and safe.

Cloud based

Powerful remote monitoring & management system for all terminals.

Flexible Hardware

Indoor/outdoor, single/double sided, wall-mounted/free-standing, with sound or camera, we deliver the best solution for a particular use-case.

Tailored Applications

Whether you need it for 3 or 3000 terminals, for any business’ needs: ready-to-run self service application.

Payment systems

High security system standards, proven integrations for all types of payment modules: Card only; Card & banknotes; Card, banknotes & coins.

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