Shopify as a basis for self service

We’ve already explained why you can’t simply open a web page on a self-service kiosk. But what if we told you that you can launch your Shopify store on it regardless?
The new Shopify integration allows you to display the products listed on your e-commerce platform on our devices. The devices can serve both as eye catchers in places such as shopping centres and as a way to organize on-the-spot purchases.


Our addition to the typical functionality of Shopify lies in accepting card and cash payments, which are faster and more convenient than filling in information on a web page. And as a more convenient form of shopping experience, it will attract new customers to your stores and improve customer flow. Self-service kiosks are the most convenient way of ordering for businesses with a large customer flow and for those who want to avoid filling their smartphones with apps they use twice a year.

Impact on sales

Upselling and cross-selling are easy to implement and useful ways to increase your business’s efficiency – in fact, upselling can increase your revenue by 10-30%. And since attracting new customers is an expensive and long process, we advise using these two methods to gain more value from the existing ones. Both upselling and cross-selling can easily be integrated into our Tapbox self-service system; you just have to set up the relevant products.

Contactless self-serve technology can significantly limit the interactions between employee and customer, making it an effective and safe way to keep businesses open during the pandemic.

Santa Monica Mirror, 2020

Consistent user experience

With Shopify as the basis for your self-service system, you can also create a more tailored user experience by ensuring that your customers will always see the same images and product descriptions on your webpage. When users are familiar with your layout and design, they can easily and quickly select purchases, which encourages them to spend more and to return to use your self-service page again.

Ease of administration

Instant updates and synchronization bring the additional benefits of being able to update files, products, images and translations in one place. The unified system significantly reduces administrative and maintenance costs compared to managing two separate systems. Our Tapbox Core framework sends notifications if something is wrong or the device needs maintenance and provides you with relevant statistics.


If you are interested in this solution or combining self service with other integrations, such as loyalty or gift card dispenser – contact us and our team will reach out with a tailored offer.

  • Janet Knight says:

    Hi we are a charity in England. We would be interested in the self service unit you supply. We currently have an online shop but would like to offer our customers and our supporters a way of shopping in our restaurant especially over the Christmas period when we sell a lot of card packs. Can you let me know initial costs for supply, installation and support. We use Shopify currently.

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